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Academy Terms and Conditions:​

  1. All kind of academy fees are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances

  2. Our hostels are owned and run by third parties and the players have to directly pay their hostel fee to the hostel owner and as such any feedback or complaint regarding the hostel shall be addressed to hostel owner only

  3. Indiscipline of any kind is strictly prohibited. Anyone found creating any nuisance or indiscipline will be temporarily or permanently dismissed from the academy. In such an instance, no fee refunds will be there.

  4. As a special gesture to the outstation players, we allow holidays in our modules of four months and above. The holidays are allowed upto a maximum of 50% of the total module duration for example if a player has 4 months module he can take upto 2 months of holidays and the module can be extended to a maximum of 6 months. Written permission from coach or academy management is must to avail these holidays.

  5. Players need to follow the instructions given by the coach at all times

  6. For any clarification please send a whatsapp to 9392950001 and take a written clarification on any issues over and above the ones mentioned above

Pathans Academy Ludhiana was inaugurated in 2018 by Cricket Legend Irfan Pathan however Mr Pathan doesn't give coaching in the academy. Its the academy coaches who are BCCI or ICC or NIS certified who provide coaching to the players. Players are requested to join the academy purely on basis of academy's facilities like bowling machines, huge lush green ground, all kind of pitches to practice and regular matches and selections, our coaches and the success stories of the players who have trained in our academy.


Players are very clearly advised not to join the academy due to Mr Irfan Pathan or thinking that Mr Irfan Pathan or Mr Yusuf Pathan will come and give them coaching or will help them in their career. Coaching is provided 7 days a week by our BCCI or NIS or ICC certified coaches  and we make sure that attention is given to each and every single player on daily basis and in a deicated manner. Hundreds of players from the academy have already got selected in various districts and many selections have happened at the state level also however the new comers are advised to not join the academy thinking that every player who joins the academy will get selected. Some players get selected in 6 months, some in a year and some take more time than others and some do not get selected at all. It all depends on the players talent and performance.

Basic Terms: All applicable rules and regulations of the ground shall be bound on each and every player. Pathans Academy Ludhiana operates as per the set rules and guidelines. All pictures used in the website are just for illustration and doesn't bear any connection with any brand whatsoever, unless and until mentioned clearly. All kind of fee are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances. For any help please call or whatsapp the above contact numbers. 

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